Today was spent in the company of my longtime clients Park County, CO at their monthly Broadband Advisory Board meeting.  We’re still plugging away, trying to get fiber and towers built in a couple of parts of the county.  Worthwhile work – Their Internet speeds are atrocious and our municipal fiber and wireless rings should provide a jumping off point for ISPs who want to offer the citizens modern broadband service.

Kind of drizzly today, freezing drizzle to be precise. Everything is glazed this evening.  

I went out to take a walk and clear my head – pretty chilly and slick! (see above).  After the Broadband work, I came home to respond to a situation with our garage apartment construction project: the property we’ve purchased doesn’t belong to an HOA however, the seller included design requirements as a rider to the sales contract. What they are asking us to change on the project is not unreasonable (the orientation and size of a couple of windows) but I’m hopeful that they will see reason and not have us needlessly spend thousands of dollars to make minor aesthetic changes to the side of a building facing an unpaved alley way. I’m keep a good thought for the power of ‘The Reasonable Solution’, no small feat in our current political climate. In any event, I love the project – a garage apartment – such a simple concept and yet, since we live in a tourism destination, there’s every reason to expect that this little apartment above a garage we desperately wanted and needed will, quite handily, purchase itself and our house for us.  More talk about this to come but I’m excited enough by the concept that I’ve got my first full blown side project ramping up to help other people do the same thing in their backyard.

OSBorg has Landed in the Backyard
  • Launch GA Side Hustle 50%
  • Complete Model GA 60%
  • Baby Arrives 78%