I’ve written this post before – Blah Blah Blah – Why are you writing?  What’s the purpose? What are you selling? Why the goofy domain name? 

The fact is, I’m trying to have a conversation with myself and whomever else might care to engage. YBWHOUR (Why Be Who You Are) is a question I try to ask myself often but seem to forget to choose an answer that I like. The answer is often, what kind of work am I doing? What activities are filling up the weekends? What is fulfilling about my day to day?

Much too often, I find myself slipping into a dark hole that I attempt to fill up with facebook, mindless bingey TV and movies and other equally masurbatory pursuits. My thinking is that, if I take a few minutes each day to stop and identify what went on in the day, maybe some highs and lows, wins and losses, I’ll be able to get it out of my head where some of the less productive things fester and attempt to convince me that little to no good took place today. This exercise is my way of saying no to wallowing and self pity and self-sabotage that have plagued my experience in the midst of a life lived in an incredibly beautiful place, with a woman I adore, helping people I care about serve their communities and exploring the mountains and rivers by boat, bike and snowboard. Where the fuck do you get off being depressed or demotivated in the midst of all this!!!! 

I think that, while I’m yet to write this with a personally identifiable information, I think that this will be an exercise in radical honesty.

Inspired by the good folks at Gimlet Media and their podcast ‘Startup’ (Highly recommended), this is the beginning of a chronicle of a life lived in the open. Yes, there will be bits that need obfuscation and delayed sharing, however, to live a fully engaged life, one must be true to oneself, come what may. If a choice I’m prepared to make does not reflect that highest sense of identity and would embaress me to write about it here, that alone should give me pause to reconsider a choice that would worth sharing here, would be worth speaking out loud.

YBWHOUR? I love that I am a small business owner, ruler of my day, married to a beautiful, brilliant, capable woman, soon to be a father, expert in municipal broadband development, Avid snowboarder, accomplished kayaker, struggling mountain biker, newbie general contractor, serial entrepreneur, a student forever, a lover of learning and all things tech.  IBWHOIAM because I am what I choose to be and ever more.