I had another wasted day today. I say wasted because I sat in my office, at my desk, looked very busy and proceeded to scroll through Facebook, Imgur, slash dot and my other favorite time wasters until the day was spent. Granted, I had a decent sales meeting with a new and exciting vendor, worked at the farm for 2 hours prepping a hoop house for the season and met with two contractors to discuss the roof venting and stucco application that we’re both happening today on the apartment. As I write this, I know it makes me sound odd to think of this as an unproductive day. The challenge is that I got almost no billable work done today and since our loan accounts are down to their last few hundred dollars, the checking account is empty, and my two major clients have decided to pay more slowly than usual, it feels like a terribly unproductive zero dollar day!!

I think a reframe is in order; let’s name the good things that happened today instead: a long and enjoyable evening discussing politics and family challenges with my wife and brother, the first coat of stucco on the apartment got cranked out today by our excellent subs, needed work got accomplished at the farm, a delightful lunch with my wife, a new book started for kicking off my side project, the cat stayed out long enough to bring us home a small rodent for the first time in six months ( I know, this is good because nothing makes her happier), minor progress was made on one of my building permits for a client and that’s all I can think of. 

The reality is that I wasted some time today, more than I would have liked to but that much was accomplished today. I am grateful that it did and will still endeavor to be more billable tomorrow. 

For now, I think I’ll go get one more product up on the ga site and then watch a movie before bed. It wasn’t a bust, it just could have been more billable.