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Author: ybadmin

Presidents day

Another gorgeous day at copper. An odd sort of Presidents’ Day when the one we have seems bent on destroying what the other 44 set up for him. I’m happy and sore and full and delighted lying in bed with my wife and unborn child. It’s gonna be a good one tomorrow. I’m going to make it be...

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How I end

Another tough wasted day of my own making. What will it take to get my ass in gear. Now I’ve got 60 days to make my project work. God help me. 

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Not a bust

I had another wasted day today. I say wasted because I sat in my office, at my desk, looked very busy and proceeded to scroll through Facebook, Imgur, slash dot and my other favorite time wasters until the day was spent. Granted, I had a decent sales meeting with a new and exciting vendor, worked at the farm for 2 hours prepping a hoop house for the season and met with two contractors to discuss the roof venting and stucco application that we’re both happening today on the apartment. As I write this, I know it makes me sound odd to think of this as an unproductive day. The challenge is that I got almost no billable work done today and since our loan accounts are down to their last few hundred dollars, the checking account is empty, and my two major clients have decided to pay more slowly than usual, it feels like a terribly unproductive zero dollar day!! I think a reframe is in order; let’s name the good things that happened today instead: a long and enjoyable evening discussing politics and family challenges with my wife and brother, the first coat of stucco on the apartment got cranked out today by our excellent subs, needed work got accomplished at the farm, a delightful lunch with my wife, a new book started for kicking off my side...

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Challenges met

A breakthrough at the apartment! Reason has prevailed and the project moves forward unhindered. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for this small dispensation. It’s Valentine’s Day – lobster and champagne with my beloved wife as we celebrated our last valentines before parenthood consumes us. It was anothe good day, not as. I’ll able as I would like. The north east project continues to elude me – I know how to take it forward and yet it never seems to float to the top of the pile.  Happy days on many levels. The ga plans project has its first set of saleable plans ready to load onto the Shopify site. Let the side hustle kick into full gear!  I’ll be writing more about building the apartment and the ups and downs of the digital goods sales and marketing venture. Here we...

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The Why of it all

I’ve written this post before – Blah Blah Blah – Why are you writing?  What’s the purpose? What are you selling? Why the goofy domain name?  The fact is, I’m trying to have a conversation with myself and whomever else might care to engage. YBWHOUR (Why Be Who You Are) is a question I try to ask myself often but seem to forget to choose an answer that I like. The answer is often, what kind of work am I doing? What activities are filling up the weekends? What is fulfilling about my day to day? Much too often, I find myself slipping into a dark hole that I attempt to fill up with facebook, mindless bingey TV and movies and other equally masurbatory pursuits. My thinking is that, if I take a few minutes each day to stop and identify what went on in the day, maybe some highs and lows, wins and losses, I’ll be able to get it out of my head where some of the less productive things fester and attempt to convince me that little to no good took place today. This exercise is my way of saying no to wallowing and self pity and self-sabotage that have plagued my experience in the midst of a life lived in an incredibly beautiful place, with a woman I adore, helping people I care about serve...

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