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Presidents day

Another gorgeous day at copper. An odd sort of Presidents’ Day when the one we have seems bent on destroying what the other 44 set up for him. I’m happy and sore and full and delighted lying in bed with my wife and...

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How I end

Another tough wasted day of my own making. What will it take to get my ass in gear. Now I’ve got 60 days to make my project work. God help me. 

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Not a bust

I had another wasted day today. I say wasted because I sat in my office, at my desk, looked very busy and proceeded to scroll through Facebook, Imgur, slash dot and my other favorite time wasters until the day was spent....

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Challenges met

A breakthrough at the apartment! Reason has prevailed and the project moves forward unhindered. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for this small dispensation. It’s Valentine’s Day – lobster and...

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